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Pomeroy's - Victoria's Kitchen
Pomeroy's - Victoria's Kitchen

Welcome to Victoria’s Kitchen

At Pomeroy's we talk a lot about craft beer, but we're just as passionate about our kitchen and serving up an amazing menu. Indeed, in the latest Lonely Planet dispatch apart from being named the top choice for drinking in Christchurch, they mentioned our great pub food.

We're increasing our focus on the kitchen, and with it busier than ever the team keeps increasing. We have tweaked the menu for the next three months with an eye to delivering fresh, seasonal flavors from local producers where possible.

Our Spring menu is designed to provide a deliciously satisfying pub meal to be matched with a restorative pint or glass of wine.

If making a booking via email please allow 48hrs before your booking otherwise please call to chat to us or leave a message - (03) 365-1523.

*Locally grown, In Season* Our Pork & Eggs are Free Range*


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