This Week I Ordered... The craziness of Christmas!

Just a quick note to say that I have not forgotten my beer buying blog!

These last few weeks have been madness of the best kind... Emerson's Appreciation week, Epic Launches and the Twelve Pints of Xmas.

As such I just haven't had time to blog my purchases, and at the moment kegs are not even lasting a day given the rush of locals. Soooo... to make a long story short - we have amazing beers, they are changing rapidly, at this time of year you just need to come down and check it out for yourself!

Also a reminder - next week Monday 19 we have Dale's Brewing Co. coming down to meet and greet and we'll have American Amber and Belgian Ale on tap for the first time in Christchurch!

Plus then we roll on down to Christmas Eve with plenty of live entertainment!

- Wed open from 12pm, Partido playing funk from 6pm
- Thurs open from 12pm, Linon Puffin from 7pm
- Fri open from 12pm, Bongo From The Congo and Guests from 6pm

And then the biggie, Christmas Eve. OPen from 12pm, come down and celebrate with the family. Lindon Puffin will be playing, the family will be here, we'll be doing drink specials, it will be awesome.

Righto, punters need serving. See you at Pom's soon!!!